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MarketForce gives you a 360-degree view of your sales cycle and helps you increase efficiency, reduce costs, identify trends and spot opportunities.

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loved by reps

Loved By Reps

With a fast, functional, simple and intuitive user interface, MarketForce is the one sales solution every rep will love and use.

critical for managers

Critical For Managers

With powerful overcasting capabilities sales managers can be confident they are maximizing team productivity.

loved by reps

Trusted By Executives

With MarketForce’s unique customizable analytics, executives get real-time answers and business insight with a single click.

Top Companies Trust MarketForce™

Amazing Features.

Exceptional out-of-the-box functionality
Lead Management.

Real time lead entry, follow-ups and closing.

Territory & Route Management.

You can easily define, plan, administer, analyze, and change sales territories and routes to match your sales organization, no matter how complex it is or how frequently it evolves.

Data Quality Management.

Maintaining data quality is critical, especially with customer and prospect information. With MarketForce, you can be certain your customer database has valid data and is free of duplicates.

Product & Stock Management.

Access to full product portfolio, with cost calculators, targets and commissions.

Reports & Dashboard.

Dashboards offer a real-time picture of your business at a glance and sales reporting tools help managers analyze sales pipelines, perform win-loss analyses, create historical trend analyses, and more.

Account & Contact Management.

Have a complete view of your customers, including credit limit & terms, sales turnover and aging.

Information Sharing & Data Access.

Stay up-to-date with critical data wherever you go on yourmobile devices.

Merchandizing & Activations.

MarketForce offers a module to keep track of your competitors, and promotional activities in the field.

Sales Forecasting & Analysis.

Get a real-time view into your team’s forecasts and analyze your sales better, including your employee performance.

Customer & Sales Agent Mapping.

This GPS feature allows you to get an idea about the location of your customers and sales agents at any given time.

Incentive Management Module.

Easily manage complex commissions or incentive plans to based on goals and targets assigned to a team or a sales agent.

Offline Mode.

Marketforce is an online and offline solution that enables you to keep working even with no connection.


An all-in-one solution, for the entire sales lifecycle
Time Saving

Time is saved in booking orders, dispatching orders, invoicing and team communication. Reduce costs from making progress calls following up on their sales team and other management costs.

Provide visibility into accurate sales compensation calculation and generate required reports - ensuring the sales team spends more time selling and less time double-checking their commissions.


Supply chain management has come to the forefront and bears the onus of fulfilling promises on time. We consolidate all business data and logic layers within a unified repository, through a universal management system, breaking barriers between in-store, online, mobile and field sales channels.

MarketForce gives "last mile visibility" of the sales channels in real time. Management is able to view information as it comes in and make decisions based on it.


By removing the paperwork burden, you will experience less administration costs in paperwork such as order/collection entry. The solution also greatly reduces the manpower required to manage, consolidate and generate reports for management and analysis.


Technologies can create audit trails of access and activity. Compliance with Records Retention Schedules can be automated and improved. Incoming documents can be automatically classified and stored in the system.

Documents and information stored in MarketForce are protected from unauthorized access by stringent security requirements. Backups provide vital records and disaster recovery protections.

Mobility Is Key.

Light and User Friendly App

MarketForce is a mobile-first solution that allows sales personnel to collect lead information, perform order entry, inventory monitoring and collect receivables using handheld devices, providing an online real-time ordering process over mobile networks.

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What Our Clients Say.

"Mesozi has helped us significantly in improving our efficiencies with MarketForce and they have bent over backwards to develop customized solutions to help meet our changing Business needs and aid us in effectively operating in the Kenyan environment, as well as in Uganda and Tanzania"

Wayne Barrat,
CEO, Platcorp Group

“Since deploying MarketForce, we’ve been within 5% of our sales forecasts, giving us company wide visibility that’s fine-tuned with pinpoint accuracy. MarketForce’s instant and constant visibility into sales has made us extremely agile and efficient.”

Paul Ng'anga,
Founder, Alkhemy Brands Limited

"After working with MarketForce for 8 months, we have seen our average order to delivery time reduce by 50% (from 6 days to 3 days) and are seeing revenues increase to the tune of thousands of dollars per month."

Paul Odupa,
Managing Director, Parkman Holdings

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An all-in-one solution, for the entire sales lifecycle

Popular Use Cases.

MarketForce is perfect for field-sales intensive industries, automating the entire sales workflow of the organization, and multiplying its productivity.

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